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Pro Motion Functional FitnessIt is our goal to help you move from health minus to health plus. Most insurance companies provide a down payment on your health and well being. Few insurance plans since the passing of the ACA will cover all the services you may need. Pro-Motion Functional Fitness will serve as a place for you to continue your movement toward your desired health. Your physical therapist will discuss and outline a plan for you that can be implemented by one of our exercise science degree professionals at Pro-Motion functional Fitness.


Do you want to improve your present level of health? Maybe you want to lose weight, improve your strength, or improve the way you feel. Maybe you want to finally make the team. Maybe you want to score your first triple double. Or, perhaps you have a dream of someday going pro. Often time there is frustration when your level of desire to make a change is weighted down because you’re not sure how exactly to reach your goals and what to do once you are in a gym. There’s always more you can be doing to get there—to perform better. That’s why we’re here. By working closely with people of all fitness levels, moms, dads, area athletes, parents and coaches. We pinpoint what’s holding you back and develop a plan that’s specific to your body, your goals and your dreams.


If you are a current patient at Pro-Motion Physical Therapy we have a Home Away from Home Program (HAFHOP) so that you have a place to follow through on your independent exercise program. If you have been reached your rehabilitation goals we would like help in reaching your full potential we would like the opportunity to lead you to achieving better.


It’s not enough to be bigger, stronger, faster. Athletes need the right combination of performance attributes. To get there, a training program must recognize the big picture, and see how one area of the body is affecting the next. At Pro-Motion Functional Fitness we take a comprehensive approach to performance, eliminating individual limitations, and creating a far more balanced and successful athlete. Best of all, our custom Integrative Movement Solutions approach to tuning provides you with the one thing other programs don’t: continual evaluation. That way, we can accelerate your achievement and take you further than you thought possible.

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