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functional assessment

“We don’t think science. We do science.”


Many of the injuries we treat are created and/or sustained by the way we stand, step, stoop, bend, squat, twist, jump, run, and walk. The key to improving performance is in figuring out the relationships between the health condition you have and the how it is influenced by your structure, the way you function, the tasks that you need to perform on a daily basis, and the participation requirements you face at home, work and play. Very simply, it is problem solving. The ultimate question to be answered is…what are the underlying mechanical factors creating the movement observed?

Functional Assessment

Functional assessment is an active evaluation by a physical therapist of the movement mechanics of a skill or activity that is either sub-optimal or painful. Our trained professionals will evaluate and identify potential risks for injury and reasons for injury due to structural alignment, strength, flexibility, timing, or behavior limitations.